Quality Management System

Copula Medical follows a superior process of quality checks in the laboratory and documentation practices to ensure result that are highly accurate and consistent. Each of our products runs through rigorous quality checks to make sure that the surgeons and physicians can provide better patient treatment and care. At our analytical facilities, we maintain and monitor a firm quality of our products, processes and services that consistently meeting TGA , BP , Ph.Eur , USP , and other national and international quality standards. We periodically review our quality management systems to keep it updated with any changes in the industry.

Our Quality functional areas are:

Quality Control (QC) : Responsible for all analysis undertaken at COPULA MEDICAL, from support during product development and validations to training our customers, The quality control team is supported by a team of highly qualified professionals.

Quality Assurance (QA) : Responsible for implementing quality systems and releasing all manufactured products. They also ensure synchronization of all systems throughout the company. Following the guideline defined by Australian TGA, Auditing responsibility at national and international level, customers, GMP is also under its purview. Further, Our Regulatory Affairs teams ensure compliances with national and international regulatory requirements.