Alpha-BT Set
Blood Transfusion Set

High quality Blood transfusion set of varying sizes designed for special necessities of blood infusion therapy, ensures pain-free & smooth penetration

Alpha-BT Set

  • Used in delivering measured and regulated blood and blood components to patient.
  • Constitutes of Cylindrical drip chamber with / without vent & filter to prevent passage of any clot into the patient.
  • Designed to connect an adult sized blood component to the transfusion recipient and provide final filtration of the blood component during transfusion.
  • Soft, smooth transparent & kink free PVC tube for easy visualization of flow.
  • 6% luer taper, as per International Standard.
  • Clear transparent and flexible drip chamber.
  • Molded latex flush ball Injection membrane for intermittent medication.
  • Soft and kink resistance PVC Tubing of 150 cm length.
  • Accurate flow controller.
  • Flow rate = 20 drops/ml.
  • Option of luer lock / luer slip, “Y” port and needle available.