Alpha-IV Cannula
IV Cannula

High quality IV Cannula of varying sizes designed for special necessities of infusion therapy; ensures pain-free & smooth penetration

Alpha-IV Cannula

  • Non-pyrogenic and the flash back chamber allows quick visualization of venous return
  • Wings specially designed for easy gripping and safe clamping
  • Needle cover to prevent accidental damage to needle & catheter
  • Color coded body/port cap as per ISO Standard
  • 6% luer taper as per International standard
  • Stainless steel (AISI 304) needle with diameter and length adhering to all ISO standards
  • Triple point Needle for painless insertion
  • Thin walled, Radio-opaque stripped / transparent Teflon catheter, as per USP standard Class VI
  • Customized Automated Tipping Technology for lower penetration forces Optimum trim distance for pain free penetration